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Obviously, a vehicle about to depart for Mars will not want to land on the Moon to get its propellant.
We are getting significant indications of international interest in a lunar mn lottery scratch tickets base.
All in-space propellant discussed here is cryogenic liquid oxygen (LOX)-liquid hydrogen with an assumed specific impulse (Isp) of 460 seconds.It takes.6 kilometers per second to go from the lunar surface to L1 and the same to return, but fuel use on return is minimal since there is no payload.Another problem area is the related but unknown costs of building the lunar mining base, the cislunar base, and the transport system to move the propellant from the lunar surface to the cislunar base, and how much that would add to the cost of lunar.The payload mass ratio is an impressive.0341.This is the project I have referred to in the past as the Gateway without a Gate.The vehicle leaving the lunar base with its payload of fuel needs 170 tons of propellant, with a wet mass of 375 tons, so for the whole round trip (where the payload is left at L1 the fuel needed is just 195 tons of propellant.Assuming that one of the primary purposes of such a base should be to supply lunar-derived propellant to vehicles in or departing from cislunar space, there are several immediate problems.First, there is a massive conflict in the potential schedule, since human missions to Mars that could fish slot machine quick hits be fueled from the Moon could take place about the time we find out if there is any actually accessible lunar ice available.This then means the mass that reaches L 1 must be 182 tons, so the ascent (LEO to L1) propellant mass, also with a margin, is 250 tons.At 4,400 tons liftoff mass, we can subtract the dry mass to get the total propellant mass.To show the huge numeric difference in cost between Earth-based and lunar based propellant at L1, we do free casino slot machines to play money need to do some simple calculations.These numbers will probably change some as the extremely efficient BFR designs are refined further by SpaceX.The difference is primarily caused by the fact that you need a huge amount of propellant to move the Mars transit propellant from Earth, but only a small amount to move it from the Moon.
The position requires a minimum.
Now lets see how much lunar to L1 propellant is needed to get the transit propellant payload propellant from the Moon.

Propellant created on Earth for use by this fleet would be moved to L1 in two steps, supported by multiple launches from the surface.